Sunday, November 02, 2008

Blessing Day

Little Jeremiah was blessed last Sunday, the 26th. Rob did a beautiful job and we enjoyed the day with both our parents here to celebrate his birth.

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the whole group. Here we are with Rob's folks. We're so glad they could be here for Jeremiah's special day and again for a long weekend this week! Rob's cousin, Lauralee was able to come visit from Chandler for a scrumptious lunch before church. We've been very blessed to have our wonderful family help us out during this first month with Jeremiah. Thank you to all who have come and to those who have sacrificed so they could be here! My parents were here till Tuesday when Dad returned home to work and Mom flew on to Utah to be with Ryan for shoulder surgery... what a woman!

Born for the stage!

Audrey starred in her Kindergarten's 5 minute rendition of Goldylocks and the Three Bears this last week. Her part as Goldylocks consisted of doing what the narrator (little girl at far right side) said... You know, tasting the porridge, trying out the chairs and finding the bed that was "just right" for sleeping until the bear family came home from their walk. She did a great job but got a bit of stage fright at the last moment and could only manage small movements with a huge grin across her face! She was precious!