Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Getting Closer!

Weeks 26 & 27 have gone missing, but I think you get the idea - my belly's getting bigger.

My wonderful mom is here for two weeks to help us prepare for our temporary move to Salt Lake (April 16). Claire and Samuel are doing as well as we could hope for at this point. They are definitely running out of space and exploring under my ribs more and more. Sleep, although better than anything I'll experience in a couple months, is segmented and rather uncomfortable.

Here's a fun game we thought up to get the wiggles out after many hours of General Conference this last weekend - twister on our colorful rug. Wish I'd gotten a shot of Rob playing; he had a bit of an advantage with his long legs and arms. In addition to hands and feet, our version included the head sometimes.

Jeremiah, all riled up just in time for bed!