Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Happiness

I love fall, especially here in Cottonwood. This is the first fall-feeling October we've had in four years. Bring on the chilly mornings!

You know how teachers always wanted you to show your work - not just the finished product? Well here's the end result of picking out, cutting, gutting and carving - with the evidence of all our hard work to get these beautiful jack-o-lanterns.

Bennett's photo of his scary pumpkin.
Sometimes it's fun to go to the Grand Opening of a store, or even the re-grand opening of a Walgreen's over in the next town - especially when they've got hot dogs and cotton candy, a clown that makes balloon animals and face painting. Hey, it's something to do. Audrey says it's the best party we've ever been to.

We need an apple orchard for these kids. I'm buying 8-10 pounds of apples a week these days. I know, there are worse things they could beg for.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let's get campy!

We camped this last weekend on Mingus mountain. It's the top of the mountain (7000 ft)between us and Prescott, just past my favorite Jerome. Our site was about 50 yards from this beautiful lookout. Aparently I didn't get in any of the pictures - best since I got an hour or two of sleep. Despite a restless night, we had a fantastic (albeit short) hike with the kids the next day. It was great to spend the day all together as a family.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!

Jeremiah turned two on Friday. I think I've only posted 5 times since his last birthday... just trying to leave some room for improvement. My wonderful Mom has been here for two weeks. I know my Dad is grateful to have her back but I will miss her company - and help. She was able to celebrate the start of a new year for Jeremiah with presents, cupcakes and a trip to Flagstaff where we ate at the tacky but tasty Bigfoot BBQ joint in old town Flag. I hope you can see the satisfaction on Jeremiah's face.

A new swing for Jeremiah from G&G Swan.

Rob's parents went in on this very fun jumpoline which has mostly been used for anything but jumping - a fort, hampster wheel, tilt-a-whirl, you name it. Rob does exceed the weight limit but promised not to jump.

Those are basketball cupcakes to add to our sports-themed party. I also just made a reusable party decor set complete with chair cover and fabric streamers made of lots of little circles sewn together. Hard to explain and I didn't get any shots of the streamers, but trust me, they're cute.

Can't imagine my life without this boy. He's affectionate, smart and has a darling sense of humor that accompanies his boisterous laugh. He's crazy about his big sister and watches every move his big brother makes, immitating absolutely everything. So glad you're part of our family Jeremiah!

Jeremiah was delighted with our three day storm of thunder & lightning. Grandma taught him to say "KABOOM!" each time the thunder rumbled.