Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our little olympians

Apparently, our Olympic fever was catching. While we stayed up way too late watching amazing athletes, our kiddos dreamt of winning the gold! We found them both in this position during our nightly check on them on one of these late evenings.

A visit from Andy-Sue

My dear friend Andrea and three of her four beautiful children spent the afternoon with us two weeks ago. They were in town to visit Andrea's in-laws in Mesa but managed to squeeze us in. Matthew is so grown up since we saw him last summer - a real cutie! The girls (Hannah and Leah) had a great time in Audrey's makeup while Andrea and I made dinner. Then we were off to swim at the YMCA and frozen yogurt at my most favorite new discovery: iSwirl. We made quite a scene getting self-served fro-yo for us and five little kids and we all had a great time. It was so fun to see them! Unfortunately, Andrea and I forgot to take any pics with us in them. You can check out Andrea's blog at

They grow up so fast!

Audrey's completed three weeks of Kindergarten already, but here are some pics from her first day. We took one with her "best friend" Emma, our cute little neighbor across the street. They ended up in the same class (one of five Kindergarten classes) and at the same table group. Audrey couldn't be happier. I went and had lunch with her this past Friday and got to see her in her social element. "Everyone is my friend" she casually told me when I asked who her friends were. She says her favorite part is leading the class when they walk to lunch. So far, so good, although she did just ask if we could make a count down calendar till she starts 1st grade.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

ladders, beer bottles & the ER

Tuesday didn't go down at all like a regular Tuesday. Rob called just after noon to calmly tell me he'd fallen off a ladder while pulling a wire for a security system install. He had lacerated his arm on a now broken beer bottle in an unfortunately placed box of empty bottles on the counter. He was patiently awaiting an ambulance to take him to an unknown hospital... oh, and he was not okay. Panicking, I made arrangements for Bennett and Audrey, who would be done with school in a couple hours. After many hours in triage at the first hospital and then a transfer (ambulance ride #2) to a hospital downtown, he could finally be seen by a hand surgeon. Dr. Champagne performed emergency surgery to repair one severed artery, one tendon and a partially severed nerve. All in all, about 50 internal, permanent stitches and 20 staples that will come out next week. Here he is a couple hours after the surgery, still trying to shake off that general anesthesia. We were home by midnight; the kids enjoyed their first sleepover at our friends'... thank goodness for good friends! The doctor says to expect about six weeks in the splint and 12-18 months for the "fuzziness" to subside in his pinky and ring fingers. We're pretty grateful everything turned out as well as it did - we know that the Lord is blessing us. Thank you to all who have called to check up on us and for all your prayers!