Sunday, August 24, 2008

They grow up so fast!

Audrey's completed three weeks of Kindergarten already, but here are some pics from her first day. We took one with her "best friend" Emma, our cute little neighbor across the street. They ended up in the same class (one of five Kindergarten classes) and at the same table group. Audrey couldn't be happier. I went and had lunch with her this past Friday and got to see her in her social element. "Everyone is my friend" she casually told me when I asked who her friends were. She says her favorite part is leading the class when they walk to lunch. So far, so good, although she did just ask if we could make a count down calendar till she starts 1st grade.


emily a. said...

Audrey's hair is so cute Space. I can't believe you have a kindergartner.

Aaron & Krystal said...

Audrey looks so grown up! I can't believe she's in school. I bet she loves it.