Monday, December 29, 2008

Hiking at Red Rocks

We thought the people up ahead looked like little ants marching. We were all headed up Bell Rock near Sedona and most everybody got farther than us with out little hikers.

This is us, including little Jeremiah on his first hike (in the daylight anyway) on our way back down. We had just about perfect weather to enjoy the beautiful scenery... about 60 and sunny!

Audrey and Bennett had a hard time waiting for me as I was being extra cautious not to trip/slip with Jeremiah strapped to my belly. We'd love to do it again sometime soon with just the two of them to see how far we can get.

Guess we wore them out. Here they are a few minutes into our 2 hour drive home.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanksgiving family reunion!

Here's an impossible shot. With Lisa, Sydni, Krystal and me all yelling to our respective children in an attempt to have them smile at the right moment. This photo is going to be a part of our family history you know. What if my child is the one throwing a tantrum or sticking his tongue out. So they're not all smiling. At least no one got hurt.

This is our first family photo with all six children, they're spouses (for those with spouses) and all nine grandchildren... plus two on the way! Yes, both Krystal and Sydni are expecting!!!