Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanksgiving family reunion!

Here's an impossible shot. With Lisa, Sydni, Krystal and me all yelling to our respective children in an attempt to have them smile at the right moment. This photo is going to be a part of our family history you know. What if my child is the one throwing a tantrum or sticking his tongue out. So they're not all smiling. At least no one got hurt.

This is our first family photo with all six children, they're spouses (for those with spouses) and all nine grandchildren... plus two on the way! Yes, both Krystal and Sydni are expecting!!!


emily a. said...

great pictures. sydni is pregnant? how far along.

Elyse said...

So so cool! I miss your family... Thanks for the Birthday wishes! I love hearing your voice =) How's life with three little munchkins treating you? You look amazing =) I hope you're enjoying some sunshine. We're pretty well grounded with icy winter weather, I did, however, manage to brave the streets to do some much needed Christmas shopping this morning. I guess the best part would be the absolute lack of other shoppers at the outlet. That was really great =) So Sydni is expecting another baby! How exciting! I can't wait for one more...Desi wants to give it until summer however. I don't really mind when as long as they are a healthy, happy little punkin. I sure miss you. your kids are sooooo adorable! I miss them. Merry Christmas and I'll call you soon!!

Lesley Wright said...

Great pictures! It is always good to get family pictures. The memories are the best (even the posing part). Congratulations to Sydni and Jake on the 2nd child.