Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Remembering December

I've added my new favorite family photo to my blog heading. ahh, Jeremiah... what can I say- he wanted the bagel.

I tried on several occasions this year to captured the true personalities and undeniable cuteness of my children, all at once, in a family photo. Unfortunately, they are against me in this quest. I've included a few of these less than perfect photos in my December summary posting.
It was a great month, most of which was spent traveling to Washington for a family reunion on my side. I'll post those photos next :)

Ward Christmas party, complete with a fantastic Santa.

Our good friends, the Mitchems came up from Phoenix to ride the "Polar Express" all the way from Williams, AZ to the North Pole! The kids had a great slumber party that night. Sadly, the slumbering ended around 4am with a domino effect of waking after Bennett got up to use the bathroom.
Seeing Jerome the next day.

Santa came aboard at the 'North Pole' to hand each child a huge and very loud jingle bell. We have three in our home now. I'm proud to say I can still hear them ring (I'm a believer!).

The hundred-year-old train was beautiful inside with lights and reversable seats and springy bench cushions.

At the temple lights in Mesa after doing a session with Rob's parents.

I can't believe the season is gone already. I love Christmas time!

Friday, January 07, 2011

An Update!

It has been brought to my attention that it's no longer fall and I should update my blog. Nevertheless, here are a couple photos from a family reunion with Rob's family at Thanksgiving. We all got together for Joel's baptism which was performed at Rob's parents' beautiful home in Yuma. Joel's family lives in Washington near my parents but they came down for this special occation. Rob's sister, Kate and her family also came down from Provo. It was fun to have everyone together and let cousins get to know each other again. Below are Emily (Kate's) , Audrey, Tamika (Brent's), and Bennett.

Bennett with cousins Brighton and Bret (Kate's)

Jeremiah with cousins Joel and Maia (Brent's) playing in our backyard

Brent's four kids

Bennett and Grandma Sandy