Monday, June 07, 2010

More Wedding favorites

The beautiful bride, Melissa. Ryan & Melissa's reception was held at a picturesque barn in Mapleton, UT.

All of us from out of town got to come together to stay in a 3-story townhouse in Provo. Lots of little boys between Sydni's 2, my 2, Aaron & Krystal's 2 when they visited from their Provo apt, and Lisa's 3 (not so little). Pictured are Jeremiah, back left; Luke, Sydni's youngest, front left; Lincoln, Aaron's oldest, front right; Zac, Sydni's oldest, back right.

Syd, Jake & Luke on the front lawn of the condo.

Ryan & Melissa's Tuesday morning ceremony at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.

Audrey & Aneya, Lisa' s youngest

Aunt Esther & Audrey

Lovely lighting before the barn reception that night. I adore these pics of my boys.

The kids had a blast at this reception with the upstairs balcony in the barn and the pasture behind it. They really would have been content to run around the countryside and fish with a net in the pond, fancy reception clothes and all.

We did have a little time with Rob's family while in Provo. This is at his sister, Kate's. That's Kate's adorable daughter, Emily between Audrey and Bennett. They were working on a cotton candy street-side business, but ended up eating most of the would-be product.

Kelly squeezed in a graduation from BYU's Construction Management dept the day before getting married. He started at the U of U a couple weeks ago for a Masters in Architecture... Go Kelly! We're so proud of you!

Here we are at Kelly and Esther's ceremony, Saturday morning at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Our final day of the trip after a full week.

Audrey & Spencer, Lisa's 3rd