Friday, September 25, 2009

The year of Jeremiah comes to a close

I don't want to jump the gun, but Jeremiah's 1st birthday is just around the corner and since it's been months, literally months - to the point that no one is even checking my blog anymore - I thought I should share some recent pics of my precious little guy.

Pointing happens to be one of Jeremiah's greatest skills. He is very observant (like his daddy) and doesn't know about it being impolite and all.

He's also very good at jumping. It all started in the womb - I thought the kicking would never stop, and it hasn't. Jeremiah's still not showing signs of walking any time soon. He's cruising, but content to crawl, and I'm good with that as well.

Here's his hair before I cut it all off in a whim last week.

Jeremiah snuggling with Rob's Mom.
As a side note, Rob took Audrey and Bennett to Yuma today to see his folks and do some work on their alarm system. It's been a quiet day here with just Jeremiah. We had a great time playing and talking and running errands though. Not to mention all I got done during nap time! We are putting in our backyard finally and sprucing up the front. I'll be sure to post some pics of that soon.

New hair for me too! It's an A-line cut and I'm loving having it off my neck!

FHE a couple weeks ago. We had such a blast at the rollar rink with the kids. Yes, same place as Audrey's B-day party. This was the only shot that turned out - hey, it's not easy to skate while pushing a stroller AND snapping a photo... ahh, the multi-taskings of a mother.

Here is proof that having children is worth it. Slave labor anyone?

Audrey is getting so grown up. Sometimes she makes her own lunch in the midst of our morning choas.

Perhaps you noticed her from teeth in that last one - or lack thereof. Here was Rob's attempt to yank them out. I believe it was the next day her teacher actually succeeded in removing those forever loose front teeth.