Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter makes em hoppy

This Sunday, not unlike other Sundays, we found Audrey dressed for 1:00 church by the time we rolled out around 8. She's always so anxious for primary and had forgotten about the visit from the Easter Bunny. Rob's parents were visiting from Yuma/ Vancouver for the weekend - it was so great to have them here for the holiday!

The search for their baskets didn't take long... and then the sugar-fest began. Why do we do this to ourselves?

And here he is inspecting the basket, getting up close and personal with all its tasty treasures.

Here's the egg hunt with some friends from our last ward. Can you just sense the urgency?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's for real!!

Rob said he didn't believe it till today when we saw the pictures. I, on the other hand, have been pretty sure that all this nausea - oh, and the constant dozing off day after day was proof for a couple months now.

Bailey baby #3 has two legs, two arms and two hands... that's a pretty good start!
"She's" 12 weeks now and just over 2 inches long. We won't know for another couple months if my feelings about her being a girl are right.

California Get-Away

I got to accompany Rob for a trade show in Anaheim at the beginning of March. First of all, California is so beautiful right now - it felt like paradise coming from the desert of Phoenix. We left Audrey and Bennett with Rob's folks in Yuma and took off Thursday afternoon. We were pretty busy with show Friday and Saturday, but managed to squeeze in an evening at Downtown Disney and one to see Fool's Gold after treating ourselves to some sweet back massages at one of those places where everyone's walking by and wishing they could have one too. Sunday we went to see Rob's cousin and family in Murrieta, just an hour from where we were staying.
Friday night I helped Rob fulfil a childhood dream by dining at the Medieval Times restaurant.

We lacked the appropriate clothing for the time period, but got the royalty seating and had a hearty, finger-lickin' good meal of spare ribs, soup, a baked potato, about half a chicken and, of course, Pepsi.

All this was served to us while watching a fantastic story unfold in the arena. They had very well trained horses and riders (knights) - we cheered for the black and white knight who did not prove to be the most talented. There were excellent sword fights and even jousting. All in all, a super fun evening.

This is us and our knight friend - he's a part of the really cool museum at Medieval Times.

California Adventure

Monday we decided on a trip to the beach to catch some California sun and we're still a little sad we never made it there. We changed our minds after getting in the car (it's okay to be spontaneous when you don't have the kids to worry about) and chose California Adventure instead.

We couldn't stand the thought of going to Disney Land without the kiddos, so we went to the theme park next door and had a great time. We didn't realize there would be so many things for them at this park too. Here's part of the parade featuring Rattitoue's chefs.

Here's us looking rested and youthful like we did on our wedding day.

My favorite was the California Screamin' roller coaster - definitely the best I've ever ridden. Rob loved the Soaring Over California ride that makes you feel like you're in an open cockpit flying over all of California's great sites. We ate ice cream, watched the parade and felt like kids again... what a wonderful day!