Wednesday, March 26, 2008

California Get-Away

I got to accompany Rob for a trade show in Anaheim at the beginning of March. First of all, California is so beautiful right now - it felt like paradise coming from the desert of Phoenix. We left Audrey and Bennett with Rob's folks in Yuma and took off Thursday afternoon. We were pretty busy with show Friday and Saturday, but managed to squeeze in an evening at Downtown Disney and one to see Fool's Gold after treating ourselves to some sweet back massages at one of those places where everyone's walking by and wishing they could have one too. Sunday we went to see Rob's cousin and family in Murrieta, just an hour from where we were staying.
Friday night I helped Rob fulfil a childhood dream by dining at the Medieval Times restaurant.

We lacked the appropriate clothing for the time period, but got the royalty seating and had a hearty, finger-lickin' good meal of spare ribs, soup, a baked potato, about half a chicken and, of course, Pepsi.

All this was served to us while watching a fantastic story unfold in the arena. They had very well trained horses and riders (knights) - we cheered for the black and white knight who did not prove to be the most talented. There were excellent sword fights and even jousting. All in all, a super fun evening.

This is us and our knight friend - he's a part of the really cool museum at Medieval Times.


Anonymous said...

See please here

Elyse said...

You sure don't look 3 months prego! How do you do it! => You look so gorgeous and happy! I'm so glad to "see" you, even if it's only a picture... I'm glad you two got to enjoy a little vacation as a couple, what a treat! Love you and congrats on the new addition!!!

Julia said...

Wow, how time flies! Stacy you look so beautiful. I can't believe that you have been married for so long. I also can't believe that you were about 30 minutes from my house and I didn't even know it! I hope that you guys will come by this way again and we can get together. I am so glad that you joined the blogging crowd too. I hope to see lots more pictures of you and your beautiful family! Take care-Jules