Sunday, October 11, 2009

picture time, picture time, lots of fun with picture time...

Okay, here are the rest from our photo shoot a couple weeks ago. It's kind of a lot of pictures, so if you get tired of looking at my kids half way through and need to click on someone elses blog to look at that for a while, I understand. If you can endure the whole thing (and I've really narrowed it down), please vote for your favorites of the kids - trying to decide which to print for the wall).

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Happy Birthday to my baby

What a wonderful year with this sweet boy! He's happy, bright and oh so snuggly; I get a little teary thinking of the joy he has brought into our home (as everyone pulls together to meet his every whim). Yes, this is my second posting about Jeremiah in the last couple weeks, but I wanted to share him a little more on his birthday since so many family and friends are too far away to celebrate with us. These photos and those to follow of the rest of us were taken by a friend of mine, Bedie Price. This first one is my favorite.

"you go that way and take a right at the stop sign, it'll be on your left..." Did I mention the pointing skills?

Jeremiah has a great laugh to go with his sense of humor.