Friday, August 05, 2011

Baptism Day

It wasn't yesterday or even last week, but more than a month ago, on July 2, 2011 when Audrey was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We're so proud of the beautiful girl she is and the good choices she's making. It was a lovely day and one I hope she will remember all her life. I figure it's not too late to record some memories.

Rob baptized and confirmed Audrey. Rob's dad and Jared were witnesses, my mom gave an amazing talk on the Holy Ghost,
and Rob's mom said the closing prayer for the program.

Aneya & Audrey in their matching dresses from Grandma

My mom came a week earlier, without my dad since he had to stay at home to work. Lisa's family came the night before from their new home of St. George, and Rob's parents left Yuma at 3:30 that morning to be here for Audrey. We were so glad to have so much of our family here!

On the 4th of July, Lisa's family and ours drove up a mountain, shopped in Sedona, and played in a little swimming hole known only to locals, a tip from a Sedona shop keeper. The hike to said swimming hole was steeper than we had understood, especially for little Jeremiah, but the water was refreshing on a hot day. Audrey missed the day with us after she woke up with a fever that morning. A big thank you to my mom for staying home with her. We missed you both.

Atop Schnebly Hill with a great view

Not a staged story time, but the real thing

My little bedtime bats

Bennett and Spencer

Jeremiah adores his older cousins

The evening of the 4th before going to a friends' home to watch the fireworks. Audrey is wearing a dress identical to one she had at 13 months old, just bigger. I found it at DI a few weeks earlier. Most of our group watched the fireworks and thunderstorm from our ward member's roof top (no lighting rods). I, sadly, had worn a long, straight skirt and could not climb the ladder.

That night marked 10 years since my first date with Rob. It was a great night with homemade ice cream and the love of my life by my side... we love to celebrate our relationship with fireworks every year!