Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter makes em hoppy

This Sunday, not unlike other Sundays, we found Audrey dressed for 1:00 church by the time we rolled out around 8. She's always so anxious for primary and had forgotten about the visit from the Easter Bunny. Rob's parents were visiting from Yuma/ Vancouver for the weekend - it was so great to have them here for the holiday!

The search for their baskets didn't take long... and then the sugar-fest began. Why do we do this to ourselves?

And here he is inspecting the basket, getting up close and personal with all its tasty treasures.

Here's the egg hunt with some friends from our last ward. Can you just sense the urgency?


Aaron and Krystal said...

You have two (soon to be three) very darling children! Give them a squish for us. We sure do miss you guys.

emily a. said...

I can't believe how OLD Bennett looks. Audrey is adorable as ever too!

Maddy and Drew said...

Bennett is getting huge!! I miss them both!! I miss easter egg hunts, you are so lucky! LOL :)

Elyse said...

OOOOH! They are so lovely! Bennett is such a little boy!! Where'd the baby go? He's so handsome... Audrey looks so much like her lovely mother, lucky lady => All that sun seems so fabulous about now. After a day filled with random hail storms and thunder... weird weather these days. Love you!!!