Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Remembering December

I've added my new favorite family photo to my blog heading. ahh, Jeremiah... what can I say- he wanted the bagel.

I tried on several occasions this year to captured the true personalities and undeniable cuteness of my children, all at once, in a family photo. Unfortunately, they are against me in this quest. I've included a few of these less than perfect photos in my December summary posting.
It was a great month, most of which was spent traveling to Washington for a family reunion on my side. I'll post those photos next :)

Ward Christmas party, complete with a fantastic Santa.

Our good friends, the Mitchems came up from Phoenix to ride the "Polar Express" all the way from Williams, AZ to the North Pole! The kids had a great slumber party that night. Sadly, the slumbering ended around 4am with a domino effect of waking after Bennett got up to use the bathroom.
Seeing Jerome the next day.

Santa came aboard at the 'North Pole' to hand each child a huge and very loud jingle bell. We have three in our home now. I'm proud to say I can still hear them ring (I'm a believer!).

The hundred-year-old train was beautiful inside with lights and reversable seats and springy bench cushions.

At the temple lights in Mesa after doing a session with Rob's parents.

I can't believe the season is gone already. I love Christmas time!


Krystal said...

Love all the pictures, especially the header :)

emily a. said...

that picture in your heading is adorable and so awesome. Who doesn't just love a good bagel.

I'm loving your new posts and seeing how adorable your hair is in every picture. Not fair.

Rachel said...

Fabulous photos! You're all so adorable, I can't believe how big your youngest is looking! WOW! Time flies! :) You look beautiful.