Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our little olympians

Apparently, our Olympic fever was catching. While we stayed up way too late watching amazing athletes, our kiddos dreamt of winning the gold! We found them both in this position during our nightly check on them on one of these late evenings.


emily a. said...

So cute. bennet looks like a mini Ryan.

Jake and Sydni Yoshioka said...

that's hilarious! zac really liked the olympics too...he liked running around cheering for the athletes. sure miss you guys!

Elyse said...

Well, I'm so sorry I failed to do this on the actual day, but it just occurred to me this morning I forgot to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Alittle late =< I missed Em's too. Hope it was wonderful!! Only 35 days to go!! Wow, he's almost here =>