Friday, September 19, 2008

Clue for the name game

Here's the next letter on the wall... the way it's going to stay. That is, the letters are in the correct order. Thanks for your guesses - no, we don't have a winner. We've decided that the winner will get the first phone call when the little guy comes out. Does anyone have a problem with a 3am phone call?


emily a. said...

That's it- you're naming him after me? Perhaps a 'boy' version of my name then. Emil? Is this a unique name? I like this game though and even if I don't win I'd better get a call sometime while you are in the hospital.

Love you!

emily a. said...

How about Emit spelled like this?

G & G Swan said...

You mean the first phone call after your parents, right??
Your dad says that EMI is an acronym for Electrical Magnetic Interference, but we don't think that's it. The only names that I could think of where "emi" come after the first letter were: Remington (Remi) or Demitry.
What about Jeremie?

G & G Swan said...

There are really very few names that have the letters "emi" in them - in that order. Three more are: Jeremiah, Nehemiah and Hemi (Maori form of James, not a Hemi engine)

Why does our posting show us as g&g swan instead of G&G Swan?

Elyse said...

I....have no clue... like the Emit idea and Jeremiah is so handsome... More when I have had time to think =>
PS very fun game =>

Jake and Sydni Yoshioka said...

the suspense is killing me! how many letters? or i'll just call and ask audrey!