Sunday, May 03, 2009

A visit from Grandma Swan

My wonderful mom was here for nearly two weeks and I can only assume we were too busy playing (which includes cleaning and taking care of kids) to take any pictures. A huge thank you to both her and my Dad for making the sacrifice for her to come visit. It was especially fun to take her with us to Yuma to celebrate a beautiful Easter with Rob's folks!

Another highlight from my mom's visit was when Rob and I left the not-so-good sailors with her and took the boat out again for a much more relaxing, less terrifying sailing expedition. It was important for us to "get back on the horse" shortly after our difficult first experience.
We had a great time at the zoo on one of her days here. We snatched Audrey from school for a family field trip. It was perfect weather once again (not trying to come across as bragging). Where is my mom in our group photo you ask? Um, taking the picture.

This is the Little People Discover Farm section of the zoo. It caters mostly to, well, the little people.

Now quack like a duck you guys!


sydni yoshioka said...

yeah new pictures! i can't believe how big Jeremiah is already!!! your kiddos just keep getting cuter and cuter! we're excited to see you guys too in July!

Aaron and Krystal said...

Your mom IS pretty amazing! We miss having her around too. Cute pics. It looks like a fun zoo. Maybe we can go when we come for Thanksgiving. (Did Rob talk to you about that?) And Jeremiah is HUGE! He's getting so big and so cute. He looks like a little mini-Bennett.

Maddy said...

You all look so great!!!! AND the weather is gorgeous! Don't worry, I would totally be bragging about it, TOO!!!!

emily a. said...

I've been so anxious for a new post. YEAH!!!!!! I love the family photo- who do you think cutie Jeremiah looks like? I'm feeling envious of your perfect weather right now because it looks like Oregon outside and I'm in the mood for a walk outside. When do I get to see you?

Elyse said...

Yeah!! Love the update! Jeremiah is looking SO grownup!! He is the handsomest little fellow (like he would be anything else =) P-shaw) Bennett is looking like a mini-ROB! He's a little clone of his daddy, sooo cute! Audrey looks beautiful, as usual, with those loooo-ng legs. Lucky lady. Wish we could come visit and go Saaiiii-lin' with you. I do think it would be somewhat precarious with short people. =)