Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The week went by too quickly- creating memories, trying to stick to the schedule, wear the right clothes, and yes, welcome our newest family members, Melissa and Esther!

Ryan and Melissa were sealed in the Mount Timpanogos Temple April 20th. Haven't even downloaded my photos yet, but it's on my to do list. They looked amazing and so right for each other. Who would have dreamed that day would come so soon after seeing Ryan off in San Diego at Christmas. So many prayers were answered by his decision to return to dry land. We had a fantastic thai dinner the night before (below). We sat with Lisa & Jared and Kelly & Esther so we could all get to know her better, I like her so much already! I'll post pics from their wedding (April 24th) in the next week... or so.

We attempted to squeeze in some fun activities for the kids that didn't involve wearing "Sunday clothes". I'd never been to the Bean Museum on BYU campus even though I walked by it on a daily basis while at school to get to work. It was super cool! You can see that even Jeremiah was intrigued with the animals (all non-hunted donations)!

Hiking in Rock Canyon, a must while Provo. I remembered neither tennis shoes or a baby carrier for the trip, so we didn't get very far, but enjoyed the beautiful Utah scenery.

The big kid cousins who hiked up to the caves: Jordan, Audrey, Bennett, Spencer & Zac in the front was an excellent little hiker!

Ryan and Melissa's reception at a barn south of Provo. Love this picture of my Mom and Aunt Debby.

Every good party needs an oversized green dinosaur pinata. This is my cousin Bryan and his wife Becca.

Melissa was the one to visiously take down the beast.


Aaron and Krystal said...

Loved having you guys here!

Aaron and Krystal said...

Oh ya, and Lincoln still asks when we are going to go back to "Jeremiah's house", which is what he called the townhouse you guys stayed in.

emily a. said...

I've been waiting for some pictures! You cut your hair- super cute. My in-laws are here right now but I'll call when they leave for more updates.

Elyse said...

CUTE HAIR!! So cute to see all your sibs and their beautiful families =) your kiddos are as gorgeous as ever. I hope life is wonderful i sunny AZ. It's a complete puddle here in OR. Rain rain rain, but what's new right? lol =) Love you,Space!!! xoxoxoxo

AndreaF said...

I know I'm a wee bit late in posting but just wanted to say I love all the pics! So fun to see your family. And YOU my friend, look BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously. Can't wait to see you in August. Yes, we are still coming! Loved the Disneyland pics as well. Looks like SO much fun!! Love and miss you.