Saturday, April 09, 2011

Business Trip

We are officially home schoolers! After much deliberation, I took the kids out of the all-too-convenient school next door following their Spring Break in March. We had weighed the advantages: personalized, customized education full of life experiences with the disadvantages: loss of me-time, and found that we like our kids enough to make the sacrifice. I've been so grateful for family encouragement to make this move and supportive friends who believe in me.

Feeling the freedom to do so, we accompanied Rob on his trip to Salt Lake for most of the week last week. While he sat in a certification class, we did school work, swam, visited with family and got to see the new baby!

Kelly and Esther welcomed little Asher into their family March 19th. He was held and cuddled and loved throughout the week. We arrived Wednesday, and my parents and Lisa with her children came on Friday (driving separately). Sometimes everything just comes together nicely. Lisa had come to look for a house in Saint George where they hope to move soon. We got to celebrate Ryan's birthday with him and my Uncle Richard's birthday on Sunday as well. Saturday was dedicated to seeing Rob's family - his Grandparents, Aunt Candy and Uncle Phil and his sister, Kate and her family. We stayed Sunday night with Aaron and Krystal at their new place in Springville. It's a great place with a yard and views of the mountains. Thanks for letting us crash at the Swan Resort once again!

This was my dad's chair (when he was smaller). It was recently repaired to be passed on to Aaron and Krystal's munchkins.

Lisa and I spent Friday with the kids at Liberty Park in downtown Salt Lake, and then at the Church History Museum and Temple Square. Here's Spencer spotting Jeremiah (precious blanky in tow) on the jungle gym. It was so nice to have Lisa's older kids to help keep track of the younger one's at the very busy park.

Jeremiah and Mo on Kelly and Esther's back porch. Such an adorable place they recently moved into.

It also happened to be Conference weekend. Rob and I got to attend the Sunday afternoon session. It was so uplifting and inspirational to be there in person (not tending to children may have helped me to feel the message of the speakers as well). The 4" of snow we woke up to Sunday morning had mostly melted off by the end of the session.

We also toured the old Army base where Rob's dad was stationed in the late 80's. This is the building where he worked.


emily a. said...

Luke texted me the other week and said that he saw you at Ryan's bday party and how nice that was. How ironic- I was a little confused because I didn't remember you were going to Utah.

You look great Space and your kiddos are so cute. I'm in love with Jeremiah's mischievous little smile and those cute rainboots. I also feel a bit honored to see you in the earrings I made you- they look great on you.

Why are Lisa and Jared hoping to move to St. George?

Krystal said...

We loved having you guys. Please come and stay any time :)

Elyse said...

First of all, you look GORGEOUS! That out of the way, good for you, Space! I wish I had the guts to home school. It sounds ideal to me and if my oldest were more cooperative perhaps that would be possible for us as well. Who knows maybe she would do even better? So keep me updated on how that's going!
So in love with your beautiful babies and glad you got some good family time! If Lisa moves looks like you'll have a lovely place to go for vacations!
Love you!!

lisa said...

I LOVE your new family picture! We miss you already, hopefully we'll be back down soon.