Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

It's hard to know what sort of sacrifice and dedication come with motherhood before you get to be a mother. I think I sort of figured that all mothers were as involved and devoted as mine - without even recognizing all the acts of love and hours of worry and years of example that she showed.

Mom was at just about every gymnastics practice, absolutely every meet (and there were a lot), she sewed Christmas jammies every year and made ultra creative birthday cakes, she rolled my hair in those soft, pink curlers on Saturday nights and cooked countless delicious meals. Mom (and Dad) flew to Isreal, New Hampshire and Portugal to be with me and experience what I was experiencing. I am just one of six to keep track of, but I'm grateful that she has always made me feel important and let me know that she believes I can do anything with my life.

Happy Mother's to all the wonderful moms I know and especially to you, Mom, I love you!


emily a. said...

I loved seeing a mini you and Lisa. You do have a wonderful mother and YOU are too!

Elyse said...

She is a wonderful mother and has definitely passed on that gift to you! Happy Mother's Day Friend!! Love you so much!
PS: I need some of your mom's natural cooking skills, she was way ahead of her time with the whole grains, no sugar, and all natural. AND a home schooler. She is amazing =)

G & G Swan said...

Thank you Stacey (and Emily and Alyse). I have such good memories of the three of you as teenagers in Corvallis. The picture of us was taken at Stina and Urs Jager's home when Stacey was about 7 months old. We spent a lot of time there during the year we lived in Switzerland. Stacey was amazed that they remembered her when she visited them 20 years later.