Friday, October 14, 2011

Jeremiah's Three!

So my baby turned three a week ago. He hasn't allowed me to call him baby in some time but I'm sure none of you will tell him I referred to him as such.

We celebrated by taking a long-anticipated trip to Out of Africa, a wildlife park 15 minutes down the road. The kids got to feed the giraffes, take a safari ride through the "Serengeti", see a tiger show with two Bengal tigers, pet a 15 ft. reticulated python and watch as all the lions and tigers and bears were fed. It had been 3 days, and boy were they excited. By the end, the outrageous price we had paid to get in seemed well worth it. I couldn't believe that was in our backyard!

Rena, a friend of mine, came along with her two children. I watch them on a regular bases while Rena teaches Audrey about her horses and how to trail ride. Rena also makes, of her own design, stick horses. They are beautiful, meticulously made and super affordable. Check them out at

So Jeremiah was the lucky boy who got one.

You can't see it, but Jeremiah is mounted on his horse and flying around the house here

Play dough now plagues our house on a daily basis
Jeremiah has been requesting birthday cupcakes for two months. Can you feel his excitement?

On his actual birthday, we took a trip down to Mesa. While Rob and I got to do some family names at the temple, the kids had some Grandma and Grandpa time with Rob's parents. We all went out to eat later before the drive home. They gave him a pillow pet frog since... well, Jeremiah was a bullfrog.


emily a. said...

Jeremiah is 3? I don't believe it. No way. His birthday sounds awesome. Sage would die to go to that safari.

sydni yoshioka said...

He's sure a cutie pie! you can tell him I said so :)