Wednesday, December 07, 2011

love that fall leaf crunch

Packing - check, moving - check, unpacking, hosting family, Thanksgiving - check.

Now for time to enjoy our new home (almost twice the space!) and regain some sort of order to life. The move did go smoothly, although it's never a walk in the park. My sister, Lisa, came and cracked the whip to get us packed in Cottonwood, then left with her four and two of mine 5 days before the move. My mom flew in the next day and helped with all the final touches... huge understatement. We had lots of help from ward members and  other friends and felt truly sad to leave our home in Arizona.

We were very relieved to finally see our house here in Saint George since Lisa had done only a 10 minute walk through and we had handed over a fair bit o money and signed the lease, sight unseen. It's a great place for us with a nice big yard and super friendly neighborhood. Did I mention it's half a mile from Lisa's new house? Yay!

The tree which was green and leafy when we moved in a few weeks ago, decided to lose just about all its leaves two nights ago. The kids have loved playing in the mounds of leaves, although I'm trying to encourage them to put them in big black bags. Here's a few moments we captured. 

You may notice Mo in the picture with me. He's my parent's cute little fluffy dog that we're borrowing for a few months till my mom comes back to help when the babies are born in May! The kids love having a pet again.

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emily a. said...

This is ridiculous. You've moved and I didn't even know about it? We WILL talk sometime this week.