Sunday, July 16, 2006

Coming On Board

My inclination has been to avoid this whole blog hype. Fortunately, encouragement from several friends and the realization that it might be kind of fun to create a blog have helped me to take the plunge. Not really that big of a deal afterall. Keeping in touch has always been important to me - hopefully this will help me to do a better job. Thank you to all who have influenced and motivated me.


ABOUT ME said...

GO STACEY!!! Um, yeah...I had the same reservations...and I have loved every minute!! Listen, I didn't even know what your husband looked like until guys are super hot at Disneyland! So fun! PLUS!! Congrats on NUMBER THREE!!! EEEhehehehhhheeeee!! Babies are the best, and the ones you already have are like super darling and adorable...and I'll be checking your blog tons! So fun!! Love ya and look forward to being in touch!!

ABOUT ME said...

Okay, so I'm lame...and this is from Rachel Griffith (the last comment)...I switched my blog around and now I can't figure out how to get my name back up on comments...SO LAME!!! Sorry about that