Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Little Family Overview

Rob and I were married the 26th of December, 2001. That's right, the day after Christmas for all of you who don't remember or are still holding a grudge for the inconvenience. I guess that means we've been blissfully married for nearly five years now! My how time flies when your life is changing in drastic ways.

The big mile stones have been: my graduation from BYU in April of 2002, Our move to Washington shortly after that, Audrey's birth on June 6, 2003, Rob's graduation from Concordia University in May of 2004 and Bennett's arrival May 22, 2005. We are currently prepping for our move to Salem, OR where Rob will be attending Willamette University, studying law for the next... let's not talk about for how long.

I'll get some more recent photos in here a little later.

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Aaron and Krystal said...

So I just noticed you guys weren't really sure how long Rob was going to go to law school. Looking back on things kind of put's "studying law for the next... let's not talk about for how long" in a different light :) Love you guys!