Friday, October 24, 2008

A few more pics

Here's my mom (aka life saver) out on the porch swing with the babe during our Halloween photo shoot.

I meant to post this one with Jeremiah's birth pics... he's less than a day old here. I love how happy he looks.

We all went to church this last week. We only stayed for Sacrament meeting, but hey, we were there! Here's Jeremiah as we were heading out the door.
Here he is snuggled up on the couch. Grandma sure likes to make him all cozy.

This was our first outing, just the two of us. We got all dolled up to go see the pediatrician for his 1 week check up.


Elyse said...

He's so so so beautiful, Space! I just can't believe he's here already! You look amazing and so happy =) Love you and so great to see his little self in pics!

emily a. said...

A beauty queen indeed!

Aaron & Krystal said...

I think Jeremiah looks like a little Bennett, especially in that close-up where he's got his eyes wide open. So cute!

sydni yoshioka said...

love the pictures! especially the one of mom and jeremiah. isn't that typical! crying in his cute halloween outfit! can't wait to see him in person! and you look great!!! mom of three and still hot :)