Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We've survived the 1st two weeks!

Here's Jeremiah's first bath at home. I think he feels okay about bathing in public and that he won't hold this posting against me. He's had two baths now (just one a week is what the doctor recommends) and has not enjoyed either one. He hadn't begun screaming in the photo below... but you can see it coming, can't you.

Everyone's feeling a little sleepy these days. I really can't complain because I have a wonderful support system. My mom's been here for the last week. She arrived the day after Lisa returned home. She's the official night nurse and consistantly gets me a good 2-3 hours of sleep to start off the night. Thank you Mom! Rob has been able to be home a lot as well and helps with so much of the work. Yet, there are some parts that only I am equipped to handle. In the end, we're all in need of a nap.

Jeremiah seems to be the only one getting all the rest he desires. We love to watch his dreaming smiles flash across his face. He's already starting to smile with his eyes open too... so sweet.

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Lesley Wright said...

He is so precious. I love the pictures.