Sunday, January 18, 2009

And finally... Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas, although celebrated a few weeks back like yours, is finally being posted. I love this one of our Princess Audrey with her new My Little Pony and squinty morning eyes. Thanks for the beautiful Sleeping Beauty dress Mom - she loves it!

Bennett donning his new Batman jammies The Santa hat shows that he was the present passer-outer (at least till he got too anxious to find his own presents and someone else was assigned).

Yes, we know Jeremiah was a bullfrog, but he's very versatile - he can also be a reindeer. Thanks Aunt Debby!


emily a. said...

Really, could your kids get any cuter?

lisa said...

I second that - I can't believe how big Jeremiah is getting, I'm still bugging Jared about a trip down!

Andrea said...

Love all the pics Stacey. Your little Jeremiah is a doll!! And you look beautiful. Thanks so much for the call the other day- we moved this weekend (got into the new house yesterday) and will call you back soon- promise. Kids go to school Wed. so probably after that, when things are a bit quieter around here. Love you!

Maddy said...

Your kids are SO adorable!!! I miss them (and you and Rob of course!) :)

camille said...

Stacey - it's Camille from Ricks College, lol. anyway, I just spent the last 20 minutes flipping thru your blog and I am in love with your kids! they are absolutely beautiful - go figure, just look at their parents! You guys look so happy and wonderful. OH, and might I add how green with envy I am on how absolutely BEAUTIFUL you are right before having a baby! most women would KILL to look as good as you did. I loved what your husband wrote in that entry - it was just so sweet.

Thanks for hooking up with me on face book.