Sunday, January 11, 2009

Remember Christmas time?

The Kindergarten classes performed 5 precious songs for the their "Christmas Around the World" concert. Audrey loves school and we're so grateful for her teacher, Ms. Peoples. A good teacher makes all the difference.

I think this is when they sang the Dradle song. It was by far their favorite and sung with a lot of enthusiasm.

My cronology is a little off, but the weekend before Christmas we met Rob's folks over at the Mesa temple to see the lights after they did a session. This was before Audrey wandered off (to see the baby Jesus again) causing us to split in 4 directions to track her down for a scary 10 minutes. Surprisingly, we still let her go when Mom Bailey asked to take her home to Yuma for a few days. She loves to be spoiled by her grandparents and to swim in their pool. The new wardrobe was also fun for her since they snatched her up with no warning and only the clothes on her back.

I feel like the hat needs some explanation. Rob crocheted it a couple years ago. He and Bennett are the only ones who have been excited about wearing it since then. We kind of think he looks like mush mouth from Fat Albert. This is 3 generations of Robert Bennett Baileys pic.


Maddy said...

Wow, wee little Bennett is growing up! Has he grown like a foot in the past year, or what?!

emily a. said...

Audrey's so pretty. Thanks for calling last night. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!

Rachel said...

She's following in your footsteps!!