Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bringing you up to speed

It's only natural to cherish the sweet moments more when coming through one of life's bitter parts. My children have become more precious to me in the loss of our unborn baby. Their existence in our family is nothing short of a miracle! I'm so grateful for each of them with their amazing spirits and emerging personalities... and maybe even for their orneriness.

It's been months since my miscarriage but I'm still so thankful for the support of family and friends. Lisa (and let's not forget our mom and Lisa's husband, Jared who ran the show with Lisa's four kids in her absence) flew to Phoenix for moral support and to help us get life back to normal. We went for walks and bike rides. We finally put some vegetables in my long empty raised garden bed (pics coming soon). We stayed up late laughing and crying and reminiscing about old times. Thank you Lisa!


Maddy said...

Oh Stacey! I had no idea- I'm so sorry for your loss, those are hard. :( I'm glad that things are going OK though- that your kiddos are happy, healthy and gorgeous!! We miss you guys!

Elyse said...

Still makes me cry... but I you are so right about loss making everything you have seem so much more precious. And those kiddos are soooooo precious. I miss them and it felt so wonderful to talk to you the other day. No matter how much time goes by my heart and your heart will always be friends. Love you forever... muah!

G & G Swan said...

Thank you for updating your blog. I understand why you haven't, but I've really missed seeing pictures of the kids. Such sweet pictures of the kids and Lisa.
Love you,

lisa said...

I love you Stac! I miss you guys-can't wait to see you next month!

emily a. said...

Sometimes I like to think our little babies are up in heaven becoming the best of friends. I'm sure they are. Those pictures of you and Lisa are so sweet. Sister pictures are the best. And Audrey is looking so grown up! I miss you.