Sunday, March 21, 2010

Everlasting spring

Yesterday was the official start of spring! I can hardly believe it because it's felt like spring for months now. I am most definitely not bragging - we have our not-so-pleasant weather to look forward to all too soon. I do feel grateful for the beautiful days of "winter" here though. Our garden thinks it feels pretty nice out right now too. Here's the garden I mentioned planting with Lisa. The first pic is my wishing well that sat full of nothing but dirt for so long - I always wished it full of flowers!

Yeah, that's an ice cream about the drip on Bennett's head. He was pretending to be Lady Liberty.

We've got carrots, gn onions, cucumbers, broccoli, peas, lettuce & tomatoes!

We spend a great deal of our evenings lately at tee-ball practices and games for Audrey and Bennett and I'm glad we get to enjoy our time outdoors. We realized after our commitment to be part of the Blue Jay team that we had not been too diligent in playing catch with our kids - or batting, or anything about the game of baseball. Here's a Sunday afternoon batting lesson with dad in the backyard.

Rob & I took a trip to San Diego for our 8th wedding anniversary in December. Most of the photos below are in Balboa Park - really really beautiful! A huge thank you to Rob's parents for keeping the kids so we could get away for a couple days! Here's a squirrel in the park - a big, fat, completely fearless monster of a squirrel.

We stopped on our way to CA to see the old lighthouse in the desert where we hiked around and found crazy sculptures carved out of the rocks.


Maddy said...

beautiful pictures!! we miss you guys!

sydni yoshioka said...

wow the kids are getting so big! i'm very excited to see you next month. love you stace!

emily a. said...

Your garden is beautiful. I can't wait to have one someday! Looks like a great trip- glad you got to get off alone.

Aaron and Krystal said...

Ahhh, tee-ball. :) do the kids love it? I can't wait until mine are big enough to start! Your garden looks great too. So excited to see you guys!

lisa said...

Wow-the garden looks great! I'm so so jealous, I just started my seeds this week. Your San Diego pictures are beautiful!