Sunday, July 31, 2011

Enjoying being home

A last minute decision and some fast packing was the start of another road trip two weeks ago. We decided to accompany Rob to Reno and then to Lake Almanor for a familky reunion on Rob's Mom's side. His parents took the kids home with them after the weekend so I could drive to Tucson with Rob for a Habitat for Humanity service project a few days later... ah... freedom! After a whole lot of driving, some sunburns & sore muscles, and a fun getaway with my favorite person in the world, we are home again - there's no place like home! I'll post pictures soon.

This cactus resides by our front porch. It's generally a huge eye sore and a hazzard to the kids who like to ride their bikes dangerously close to it. What a pleasant surprise to find it in full bloom for the second time since we moved in almost a year ago.

Kids awaiting Sunday morning Dutch Babies. This was not staged, but true anticipation.


emily a. said...

So glad you got 2 days of FREEDOM. I live for those days, it makes you love your kids even more and survive the craziness until the next day of freedom. Plus, I know it does wonder for you marriage to have some time just being together too.

Glad you had great trips.

sydni yoshioka said...

love these pictures! you and the kids look amazing! all that sunshine must have something to do with it :)

Krystal said...

So you're next road trip is going to be to Utah to come see us, right? C'mon, everyone's doin' it.

Also, I need to order some Mary Kay, but I never remember except really early in the morning and really late at night (when I wash my face!) When you have a free second during the day, will you give me a call.

Love you guys, and miss you tons.