Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sycamore Canyon

We took a drive up Sycamore Canyon yesterday. We can see the beautiful red rocked mountains from Cottonwood, but have never gone there. We thought perhaps we'd get out of the heat in a "canyon" but it turned out to be about 10 degrees hotter than home. We opted not to take the 3.7 mile hike down to the river even though it looked like paradise down there.

Part of the herd standing in the road, through which we had to drive. Audrey was certain she could lasso one of them and ride it home.

S'mores, the easy way!
A great end to a day all together. We toasted strawberry mallows that turned to a gooey cream and tasted like heaven. I like being able to clean up the stickiness right away in the convenience of our own backyard!

1 comment:

emily a. said...

You have a fire pit? That is so cool. It looks like a great backyard.

What a cool hike. I think Audrey looks like a little you/Lisa in those pictures- she's looking so grown up.

I'm still waiting to see pictures of the new addition! (motor home)