Sunday, January 08, 2012

My Growing Belly

I've begun a photo log of this pregnancy since I'm sure to surpass any limits to which I previously thought my belly could stretch. The first pic was taken Christmas Day (17 weeks pregnant) and looks bigger than the one we took last week (18 weeks pregnant), so I guess it depends somewhat on what I'm wearing.

The ultrasound is tomorrow! I must admit I've been counting it down to find out what we're having. Any guesses? Rob feels sure it's two boys. I've already bought adorable baby girl clothes (used), but I could probably love boys if that's what they are :)

This is today - 19 weeks


emily a. said...

It's like Christmas all over again now that I've seen pictures of your adorable baby belly. You look so cute and I'm so excited to see pictures in the upcoming months.

My guess is a boy & girl, not because I feel super strong about it but because I'm hoping it for your sake. :)

Maddy said...

I'm so glad I was feeling nosy today and found your blog again, I don't know how I left it off of my new list!!! You are looking extra super fantastic!!!

Lesley Wright said...

SO so so awesome!!!! I am so excited for you guys! We are for sure going to have to come and visit you in ST George. SO you want girls and rob wants boy so just have one of each, hahaha, problem solved!

AndreaF said...

You look beautiful. So fun to see these pictures and so fun and crazy that we both ended up having twins. Isn't that fun? Who knew! Can't wait to hear all the adventures of those two. Get strapped in tight and hang on for the ride!