Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend in LA

We got away last weekend for our 10th anniversary! Lisa was a saint and kept the kids for four days while we saw the sights of LA. We got to see the musical Wicked which I've been looking forward to for a couple years now. It was amazing and we've had its fantastic music in our heads ever since.

We also hiked the hills of Hollywood and got to see the reservoir, walk the famous Hollywood Blvd, visit the LA temple and play on the beautiful Santa Clara beach. It was a dream to spend so much time together and forget about reality for a little while. I love being married to Rob - it feels like the years have ticked by so quickly.

Moby's house, well mostly just the gate house from this view, in Hollywood Hills.

It's true!

The weather was gorgeous and it looked like springtime with so many green trees and beautiful flowers.

Touching the ocean, it's been a while!
We had a yummy lunch at the restaurant you can see behind Rob here.

We stayed in a little house just up from Hollywood Blvd with a fun swing and a ballet bar...
we felt like we were living the Hollywood life!

We had an ultrasound the week before and found out we will have one boy and one girl! The children are super excited.The ultrasound also revealed a diaphragmatic hernia in our baby boy. This is a fairly serious condition where the diaphragm didn't form correctly and has left a hole where the the organs from the abdominal cavity can be pushed into the chest cavity. Our baby's stomach and intestines most likely, have been pushed close to his heart. This will require us to be in Salt Lake where they have pediatric surgeons who specialize in this treatment when the twins are born. I'll deliver at University Hospital where they'll stabilize him and send him in for surgery to straighten things out and repair his diaphragm. In case they come early, we have been advised to temporarily move to SLC at the end of April till they're born and he's breathing on his own. We won't know till he's born how severe his particular case is, but we welcome all prayers and thoughts on his behalf.


Ditto Family said...

Stacey - I've been thinking about you this past week especially after Emi told me about your little boy. We will be praying for you and I'll remember your name when we go to the temple! Think positive thoughts!

emily a. said...

I just got back from a long trip. I read the message about your baby moments before we left and we had to turn our phones off on the cruise because of the outrageous charges. I got back in the middle of the night last night and once I get the girls and everything organized I'll give you a call probably tomorrow. You're both in my prayers.

Love you.

sydni yoshioka said...

LOVED the pictures. You two are so photogenic. looking at the pics makes me want to take a vacations! We love you guys!