Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The new norm

Here's a flood of pictures from the last few weeks with Samuel home! We feel so very blessed to have Claire and him as part of our family now. We have been helped along the way by so many people. Our parents and siblings, especially my sister, Lisa have helped in countless ways. Life is as busy as ever, but somehow sweeter now. I believe in miracles.

The twins first walk together in the double jogger

"A parade?" you ask? No, just a Sunday family stroll around the neighborhood.

Yoga for babies

Activity days modesty fashion show with audrey

Jeremiah adores "his" babies

Samuel and Claire's blessing day was bitter sweet. We were finally all together under one roof (as of the day before) and we had waited for so long to bless these precious babies, but Samuel was not tolerating his new feeding tube well and was miserable for most of the day. He returned to the hospital the next day to be treated for dehydration and eventually to befitted with a tube that feeds to his stomach again. He came home for good five days later!
Left: Kate's family and Rob's Dad. Right: Lisa's family and my parents
Love these people

Rob and his sister, Kate

beautiful all in white


Andrea Fowles said...

I so loved all these pictures. I am so, so happy you are all finally home together at last. XOXO

lisa said...

The pictures are beautiful! I'm so, so happy to see you all together at last! Love you!

emily a. said...

My favorite post. Somehow it still seems strange to me that you have twins even though I saw you with them. They are both so adorable and it's so great seeing you all together!

Ditto Family said...

It's been so fun to read your fb updates and now to see all these fun pictures! What a beautiful family! Thank you for the reminder that miracles still do happen.